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Tue, 01 Nov 2005

500 Mile Email Limit - 22:19
This is cool, freaky but cool. This story of a sysadmin trying to find out the cause of a email fault reported by the statistics department claiming email would not deliver to locations much more than 500 miles away.

Reading it, by the end it makes perfect sense, but half way through I was going through the same thoughts he must have been, wtf is happening sort of thoughts.

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Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 00:00
Meyenberg Goat's Milk
Got Goat's Milk?
As has been pointed out, a milk carton may contain other types of milk, Cows are not the only source of contents for these venerable containers. To the left is a milk carton containing Goat's Milk from the company Meyenberg (large producer of Goat's Milk in the US). It can be argued that Goat's milk is healthier for you or at least it may be a better baby food than Cow milk.

Though I would suggest the biggest advantage me be that we will never see another milk carton desecrated with big black splotches, through Goat's have been known to have black splotches, the image of a Goat in the public mind does not, thus opening up milk carton designs to whole new splotch free realms.

[/various/milkcarton] link

Showing you why we need science. - 00:00
We really do need science, otherwise no one would be able to make a proper appraisal of the utility of a chocolate teapot (seen last week on ploa or similar), this really is lots of fun, reminds me of the Twinkies Project I had a link to on my links page back around 1996. (yes I know many of them are dead links,really I could care less).

[/various] link

Ooohh look a coincidence, maybe - 00:00
I just happened to glance at my posts per month thing in the left hand column here and look at what I saw. September 2004, 27 posts. September 2005, 27 posts. October 2004, 15 Posts. October 2005, 15 posts. Almost kinda spooky maybe sorta.

[/comp/blogging] link

Wild Horse Ridge - 00:00
So a bunch of us drove down to Talbingo on Saturday morning to ride Wild Horse Ridge. Heaps of fun was had, the weather held off for the duration of the ride. We camped over night there intending to ride the next day if the weather continued behaving. It rained all night and on in to Sunday so we packed up and drove home. However we had a fantastic time on Saturday riding up to Budong falls and the top of Wild Horse Ridge and subsequently riding down Wild Horse Ridge. We even saw Wild Horses up near the top.

Anyway myself, Dave McCook and Andrew Cassie all took photos, I am hosting Dave's and mine. The people present on the ride were Michael "Crash" Carden, David McCook, David "DAS" Sutton, Andrew "Madge" Cassie (on a single speed), Craig "Darren? " Armour, Tony (mate of Jaymz's from Townsville), James "Jaymz" Davies, and myself Steven "Bender" Hanley.

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