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Thu, 24 Nov 2005

Different cultures, different stationery - 22:31
A the moment I am for some reason unable to find my Shaefer calligraphy set, not a large problem as I still have my small Parker set readily available. Ink cartridge calligraphy pens in both sets. However with the Shaefer set I also have a number of dip pens and some other supplies. Currently I am mostly interested in finding all my ink (cartridge) writing supplies to see if I still have a plain ink cartridge pen around anywhere. I wish to write something with an ink pen and they are completely unavailable in news agencies. (well for anything less than AUD $100 it seems).

With this inability to find cheap ink based writing supplies rather than ball based I have a remarkable cultural difference bought home I had never really noticed before. While going to school in England in 1993 for a year, and I imagine the public school system there is still similar, all writing had to be done with ink cartridge pens, no ball point or biro style pens were allowed to be used. Thus every WH Smiths and other news agent had a ready supply of ink based writing equipment. Here at home I have, as stated, found such items almost impossible to find. A local art store suggested I go check out a specialist paper (stuff to write on, not news paper) shop in the Canberra Centre as they apparently stock ink writing equipment.

Due to the fact I still have my small Parker calligraphy set sitting around readily available I would not even mind if I were able to find a parker nib to fit that is suitable for writing (ie not a wide nib such as used in calligraphy), I will have to make a visit to the Canberra centre and try my luck I guess. Still it is kind of strange to note the complete lack of ink pens in regular supply here in Canberra.

Thinking about paper also reminds me I bought some really gorgeous hand made paper at a paper shop in Porto in Portugal in 2002 that I have not yet used, though I have no idea where it may be, probably hiding out with my calligraphy supplies.

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