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Tue, 27 Feb 2007

Times when you wish etch were stable - 11:21
I really can not whine about this as I do not do work to fix it myself, however I tried to install sarge (3.1r5) on a recent dell machine (Dimension C521) for something I was working on yesterday. First the cd would not see the cd drive or the hard disk. So I found a sarge install cd someone had created with a 2.6.20 kernel and that worked. However the next hurdle, once packages were installed was that X did not just work with the nvidia card (nv free driver in 4.3.0) in the machine.

At this point I could either try testing/etch or install from a dapper cd I had sitting in the office. As it would save burning an etch/testing cd (which we may need rc2 for a clean install anyway?) I ended up installing dapper. At least I can still use the debian packages if need be, however I am definitely looking forward to etch being stable so it will work on more recent hardware for a while.

I guess the argument could be made I should have simply used etch, and if I am going to complain at all I should get off my arse and do work on debian to help get it out the door. Ahh well, machine is up and running now and I can get the work I need done on it.

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Sun, 25 Feb 2007

AROC Sprint in Canberra - 21:45
I took my camera with my while doing an AROC Adventure Race on Saturday. This was just a short one, what used to be called a Sprint adventure race. I still like to call them Sprints, it is all a matter of perspective after all. When people frown at you and say "but a sprint is a fast anaerobic effort, maybe 30 seconds max" you can just say you are simply looking at it from a point of view of duration and comparing it with the 48 hour or 5 to 10 day races.

Anyway Bruce and Ron raced with me, I made some Nav errors and we lost a bit of time, but who cares we had a great time and I learnt a few lessons to make note of for next time. Bring on the 12 hour at the end of March.

Oh and the photos from the race are all on my AROC Adventure Race - Canberra, 2007-02-24 photos page.

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Fri, 23 Feb 2007

The Polaris Challenge encouraging mental scars - 23:00
Oooh the location for the 2007 Polaris Challenge was announced today, In Black Springs just near Oberon, however this is not the interesting part. Marea and I have had no idea what to do costume wise this year. One other thing that was announced with the final details today is the theme.

The Rocky Horror Picture show is the theme of the Polaris Challenge this year. I see soooo much potential to inflict even more mental scarring on people than I have in past years. Ahh this theme could be oh so wrong.

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Fri, 16 Feb 2007

Who says junk mail is all bad? - 19:53
A few months ago I saw mention somewhere of a new Motorola phone platform that would be coming out sometime, it had some new display technology called e-paper, apparently it only requires power for changes in display, not to maintain any of the image. In black and white (or it seems blue and white) only rather than colour as most phones have now days. The battery life should allow for something like 2 or 3 weeks between charges on standby (due to no colour lcd screen draining power and some other advances).

I saw mention of the fact that it had debuted in India already, however apart from knowing the phone was based on what Motorola called the SCPL (Scalpel) platform and that it should come out sometime in Australia I had no idea when it would be released and searching the web for "motorola scpl" in Australia had no results really. It should be a really thin (9mm thick) light phone with basics and no fancy useless crap.

Upon my arrival home today I grabbed some junk mail from the letter box and was leafing through it when I happened to notice a phone for sale called the "Motorola F3" which was obviously a SCPL phone. Woohoo, I may finally be able to get one, now if only I can find someone in Canberra who sells them rather them so I can use with my existing plan (Optus locked is not my idea of buying a new phone which appears to be what the stores an ebay Australia that I have found via google have available).

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Mon, 12 Feb 2007

Triple Triathlon 2006, 32 Flavours report finally online. - 16:15
After waiting for a few months for the final shirt to arrive I finally decided it was not likely to happen in a reasonable time frame so I wrote my 2006 Triple Triathlon report. Shanyn, Randall and Bruce have all read it and liked it well enough so I spread the word last night.

So if anyone wants to know, this is the 2006 Triple Triathlon for the 32 Flavours team. Fun was had, thanks again to Shanyn and Bruce for racing with me.

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Mon, 05 Feb 2007

Working Week Series 2007 - Lithgow - Round 1 - 16:45
Well I have to say I enjoy racing in Stu's Working Week series races, 8 hours is a god length of time to race. Either solo if you want to do a bit of endurance, or my preference in Pairs for a good hit out. Sarah and I decided to head on up and compete in round 1 of the 2007 Working Week Series at Lithgow.

We camped at the course and met up with a few other friends, some form Canberra, some from Sydney when we got there on Saturday arvo. Then come Sunday we rode around for 8 hours and drove home. Much fun was had. I wrote a few words to put with a few photos an have them up on a Working Week Series - Lithgow Round 1 page.

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Thu, 01 Feb 2007

Molly Ivins, Shrub, Letting the Dogs Out, etc. - 14:29
I was saddened today when I saw a post on Metafilter saying Molly Ivins has passed away. She has for years been an amusing and insightful outstanding voice in US politics. Regularly taking the mickey of the incumbent idiots there. I tend to attribute to her the nickname Shrub that is often applied to the current US president. Largely due to her book "Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush" (which alas turned out to be a much longer political life than guessed at the time).

The wikipedia article and the metafilter post both link to a short tribute to Molly Ivins by her editor for the last few years. I guess all I can hope is her messages of getting involved in government (especially to the youth) and not simply sitting by the sidelines will influence people even posthumously by the next US election.

Another writeup remembering how much she rocked.

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