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Thu, 29 Mar 2007

Year 2007 problem. - 12:41
My watch is a fancy looking sailing watch, however I acquired because my grandmother found it on the pavement at Dickson when the Australian Junior Mirror championships were on in Canberra around 1992. I have used the watch for the last 10 years or so when I needed a waterproof watch, and since my other watch went missing in New Zealand a few years ago I have used this as my primary watch.

However I just encountered a problem when I went to change the time on the watch for daylight saving on Saturday night. The watch was I suspect constructed in 1991 and only uses 4 bits to store the year offset information for the date displayed. This occurs to me because I noticed the year on the watch is 1991 rather than 2007, the watch can not be set later than 2006 accurately. No real biggie as all it means is I should ignore the day information (today is not Friday).

Of course maybe I should buy a new watch one of these years.

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Mon, 26 Mar 2007

Jindabyne Multisport Classic 2007 - 12:10
Bruce, Shanyn, Randall and I competed again in the Sri Chinmoy Jindabyne Multisport Classic this year. Just as we did last year we had a fantastic time out there. Gorgeous surrounds, some fun legs, great feeling among the teams racing, etc.

I took some photos and wrote a few words at the top for anyone to see our day out 32 Flavours at the 2007 Jindabyne Multisport Classic

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Thu, 22 Mar 2007

New PB at 10 KM paddle - 14:15
After cracking 60 minutes for the first time two weeks ago in the 10 KM paddling TT, I went slower last week. Paddling the Floozy for the first time last week I was a little unstable at times and not keeping up a good cadence the whole paddle.

Last night at the final Wednesday afternoon time trial until October (day light saving change) I managed to get a new PB. This time I had a new paddle also, a small blade solution paddle from AROC. I was able to keep a higher cadence and am becoming more confident on the ski so not as unstable and wasting energy as much staying upright. The new time last night was 57:30, a whole 2 minutes faster, yay.

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Fri, 16 Mar 2007

Yet another fun few days coming up - 17:28
So Aaron mentioned a training camp at Jindabyne this weekend he is piking from this year. I will also be up that way for the Jindabyne multi sport classic, with Shanyn, Randall and Bruce on the team it will be another fun day out. Tomorrow I am driving up to Jindabyne, giving a skills clinic to interested people on the technical first bike leg of the course. Register for the race and then if I have time have a bit of a paddle on the lake.

Sunday I am doing the three bike legs for the team, the last of them will be fairly tough this year too (43 KM with some huge hills). We should be finished in around 9 hours I hope, then on Monday a few of us will probably be doing the Jindabyne, Charlotte's Pass, Jindabyne ride which is rather pleasant.

I then swing back through Canberra, grab some more clothes and drive up to Sydney to return the boat we borrowed for the race and to help my Grandma celebrate her 86th birthday for a day in Sydney (she is travelling down from near Coffs Harbour to spend some time with the grand children and some friends of hers from down this way).

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Tue, 13 Mar 2007

Signs of the decision made - 12:35
So I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a Grafton Paddle Sports Time Bandit from a friend for a week. The primary reason is so we have a rather fast boat Randall is comfortable in for him to paddle in the Jindabyne multi sport race this weekend.

Anyway I took my surf ski out this morning to paddle with Andrew, Andrew was giving the time bandit a go to see how much he liked it. Having recently sold his Horizon Rocket Andrew has been thinking about another boat for a while. As the Time Bandit did so well in the recent Rapid Ascent Kayak Testing he was keen to try one out and see how it went.

I was entertained to hear Andrew, half way through the paddle, say it shows he is well past thinking about it at the point he was starting to wonder what colour he should get for his new Time Bandit....

Update: so a short while after posting this I got an email from Andrew, he has ordered himself a Time Bandit, of course he is a little impatient with having to wait until August (long waiting list) to take delivery of the new toy, ahh well at least he gets a lot of time to choose the colours.

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Wed, 07 Mar 2007

Yay I cracked 60 minutes - 22:21
I am happy with my time in the BGCC 10 KM paddling time trial tonight. For the first time I finally managed to get under 60 minutes today, doing the time trial in 59m 30s, this is 2 minutes 5 seconds faster than last week.

I actually attribute most of my speed improvement to two things. Having spent some time on my new boat, the TK I was paddling tonight felt so stable I could almost dance in the thing, thus I was more confident moving my legs and torso around a lot with good rotation. Also due to really needing to increase my rotation and hamstring flexibility I have been stretching my hamstrings and doing rotation exercises while reading in my office the last few days a lot.

Of course Randall still kicked my hiney, getting 49m 30s in a pretty much identical boat (possibly a heavier boat even). I guess it is just as well he is paddling for the team in Jindabyne next weekend and I am mountain biking.

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Tue, 06 Mar 2007

Get a Floozy - 19:10

Get a Floozy (full size)

Rear name (full size)

Front name (full size)
So as I mentioned I got myself a surf ski, I now have the photos of it with the new name transfers on. The name is "Floozy", in honour of Sam jokingly suggesting I need to get a new Floozy while speaking to her on the phone the other day.

Still having fun with it, still room for lots of improvement, I have to make sure I can stay upright before winter at least.

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Mon, 05 Mar 2007

New tippy floating toy - 15:54
So I went and bought a second hand racing surf ski (6.1 metres long) on the weekend. I have taken it out on the lake a few times and tend to be tipping into the water about twice every time I paddle it. Definitely have to work on my balance and skill more. Should be good I will build up my core strength and balance well trying to keep it up right.

Having fun so far with it, though no photos yet as I am waiting until I have the transfers with the name I want to give it on the boat before taking photos to put up here.

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Thu, 01 Mar 2007

Water Damage - 21:38
So many will have heard that the ANU has been closed due to water and hail damage from the storm the other night. Around 70 buildings on campus were damaged. In the case of DCS the skylights collapsed under the weight of the ice and hence water got in on the top floor.

Thanks to the efforts of a few staff who went in and shoveled ice and water for hours that night the damage was not worse. I was in there today and had a look around, some offices are fairly bad with the ceilings caved in (water ran through the roof space a fair bit) and a lot of obvious water damage. It is amazing how centralised the serious part of the storm was, sure we got some big hail at our place 1.5 KM from ANU but it is nothing compared to what hit ANU and civic.

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