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Tue, 13 Jan 2009

Sort of lazy - 11:24
I seem to be on a somewhat lazy week, after the ride on Saturday I have not done much. Mowing the lawn last night does not count as exercise, nor does sitting in the kayak on Sunday morning doing Triathlon support.

I am doing a 1.2 KM lake swim at lunch, and will do another on Thursday lunch (and Bilbys swim squad on Friday evening), however I have a meeting tonight so will not be running. I Had stretching class at lunch yesterday so did not head out for a run. Tomorrow I have stretching class again so another day with no run.

Next week I will be at lca in Hobart all week, staying no where near a pool (on campus at UTas in Sandy Bay) so the only sport I will do next week will be running in the mornings I expect. I have the Bilbys road ride (fast bunch) tomorrow and the paddling time trial (10 KM) in the afternoon, then the Friday morning mtb still this week. However I am not feeling I am being particularly active this week (or will be next week), especially with Jindabyne looming. I remember last year in the lead up to Jindabyne I had been doing three sessions of exercise a day some days (yes doing a Julie training load).

Ahh well maybe I can get off my hiney and get stuck into it when I get back from Tasmania.

(update: I forgot two sessions, both on Wednesday, and another update, I forgot CLUG is on a week early because of LCA and I am missing the thursday evening paddle. See I told you all I was being lazy)

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