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Tue, 27 Apr 2010

Getting more mtb time in - 13:53
There is a race through the Flinders ranges on the Mawson Trail in June this year, the Mawson MTB Marathon, though there is an option to do it over 4 days there is a stupid option too. In a team of two do the whole course non stop, 367km on a mountain bike. This is like a 24 hour race with less single track and not looping around the same course (also it should take less than 24 hours).

I was originally keen to try and do the 3 mountain runs on the course also, however I have come around to thinking that trying to do that on top of the non stop ride will be a little bit difficult, which is unfortunate as the mountain tops sound pretty spectacular. I am competing with my friend Andrew, who had a few years without much mountain biking while living in NYC, now he has returned to Canberra he has been back on the mountain bike (a lot, finishing in 8th place at the Australian Solo 24 hour champs over easter shows that off well).

With the 100 km race last weekend then Cotter/Uriarra on Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning road ride and Wednesday night mtb ride at Stromlo last week I wanted to keep the efforts up this week. Doing well so far it seems, Sunday I did the Anzac Day Epic with the normal ADE crew, I rode the Nomad to make it more fun and a little bit tougher than riding a lighter bike, that was 83km on some fun terrain. Then yesterday Andrew and I rode down to Moruya via Hoskinstown, Tallaganda, Majors Creek and Araluen. This is basically a road ride on a mountain bike (fire roads and fairly fast), we completed the 161km ride in 7h11m riding time, which is pretty good, though I was definitely fading in the last 20 km or so.

Today I feel somewhat flat and energy depleted, I definitely did not make it out for Cotter/Uriarra, and probably will have a day off exercise and see what I feel like tomorrow (probably morning road ride at least). Doing a 6 hour Rogaine this coming Sunday, so I should probably try to do a few km on a bike this Saturday. A few friends are competing in the Canberra Tour so cheering them on from the road side may work out alright as part of a ride.

[/mtb] link

Tue, 20 Apr 2010

Australian Marathon MTB Champs 2010 - Nemesis Marathon, Avoca, Victoria - 17:10

Riding the SS in the Nemesis Marathon MTB Race (fullsize)
I went down to the race with Alex and Sam. Heather did awesome and has a Green and Gold jersey to take home from winning womens. I had a surprisingly good race (especially on an SS). Photos are online at my Nemesis MTB Marathon photos page.

Fun was had.

[/mtb/events] link

Wed, 07 Apr 2010

2010 Australian Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships - 16:34
The Australian Championships again and a qualifier for the worlds we are holding in October, the Solo 24 Hour race was held at Easter again, this year we had the biggest field ever with 160 entrants heading out for a long time on the bike.

Jason and Jess won again, Dan crashed out and broke a collar bone, Andrew had a fantastic race and finished in 8th overall (though Brett and Ed were in front on single speeds, I think they are somewhat freaky). I took some photos while there and have put them online.

[/mtb/events] link

Australian Rogaine Championships 2010 - 16:29
As it says at the photo link I rocked up to this event to compete with Gary and Chris, unfortunately I fell in a hole on a steep descent toward 37 around midnight, twisting my right knee as I fell. I t hurt a bit and I kept going for another 2 hours until walking along a side slope around 2am I fell over in pain unable to walk any more. I limped into the All Night Cafe (or African National Congress as Gary constantly called it, on a side note I think he was still upset there would be no Cappuccino machine at the all night "CAFE") and had to withdraw from the event.

The link above is to the photos I managed to take while there.

[/mtb/events] link

Thu, 01 Apr 2010

National Mountain Bike Series, Round 4, Stromlo, Canberra - 16:19
As it says on the page I was able to get away and take photos while marshaling for a while during the XC races. They are online at the link above.

[/mtb/events] link

2010 Jindabyne Multisport Classic photos - 15:43
I finally have put a few photos up from the race this year, I won which was good, it took me 12 hours which was an hour faster than last year. I want to knock another hour off next year (and am fairly sure I can).

I have put the photos online that I have with links to the Sri Chinmoy photos and race report. 2010 Jindabyne Multi Sport Classic photos

[/mtb/events] link

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