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Wed, 04 Aug 2010

Oh no am I becoming a trend following roadie - 17:20

My roadie team kit (fullsize)
A few weeks ago (just before D and G flew off to Europe) I noticed Cadel Evans' wife mention the BMC racing team shop on Twitter. So I headed off to have a look and see what they had for sale. Lo and behold they had full team kit (bib knicks and jersey) in a kit bag for CHF 60 (which is approximately AUD $60) a set. Wow brilliant price for that cycle gear, G wanted a set too, so I bought two sets, with postage it became around AUD $80 each. Still a great price.

As can be seen to the left it arrived the other day, it is not Hincapie Sportswear clothing (I have one Hincapie jersey which I like well enough) however is a full euro pro roadie team kit. This may come as a shock (it does to me) as, although I have many cycle jerseys, they tend to be more unusual or interesting designs, I have never really understood why people wear euro pro team jerseys with sponsors product littered all over them, and pay a premium price for them. My exception to this is the T-Mobile womens jersey as Hot Pink Flames are cool.

However I like Cadel and I like the look of the BMC kit, it is also pretty simple with only BMC mentioned on the kit, so no other sponsor names all over the clothing. The price was too good to pass up, now to find out if I like wearing bib knicks (my first pair ever).

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