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Thu, 26 May 2011

The Annual May Zombie Post - 12:43
The month of May, must be time for a Zombie post. It is good (or hell funny, you choose) to see large organisations or other institutions getting more prepared and scientific about Zombies. Just this month the US Centers for Disease Control released their Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Guide, I wonder if other countries have their information for citizens prepared.

The other thing to note is there is it seems increasing research happening in various institutions about Zombies. The Smithsonian has a good round up of some of the recent zombie research appearing in the field. That should do me until May next year, unless the Zombies get me (due to my lack of preparedness).

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Wed, 25 May 2011

Dundeeism applied to running - 11:57
I should of course preface this with the statement that I think it is great to see anyone getting out and exercising and I should not belittle any efforts towards that. Also as always I make no claims to being a runner. (quite the opposite)

I was at a physio the other week trying to get an injury that had appeared better before the north face and overheard something that had me privately grinning. Another physio at the practice asked their client if they did any sport. The client said they were a bit of a runner. When asked what sort of runs they did the client said they would do a 3 to 5 km run occasionally.

This amused me, I had this image of someone like Julie, David, Davo, Gramps, Flan, etc doing a Mick Dundee sort of thing, "That's not a run, this is a run!" with a 6 foot track, TNF100, or 10 hour training run sort of display. The whole problem with the image is that all these people are far too modest (which sort of increased the humour of the image I had in my head I guess).

Yet another example of applying Crocodile Dundee to every day experiences to provide humour.

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Tue, 24 May 2011

24 Hour Solo MTB Championships 2011 - 12:19

Andrew Hall finishing a lap (fullsize)
If you have a look at the link to my 24 Hour Solo MTB Nationals photos page you can see the photos I took at the 24 Hour MTB Nationals CORC ran in April.

[/mtb/events] link

SLER Photos - 11:53

Climbing past Thredbo (fullsize)
I finally uploaded the few photos I took back in Feb when a few of us went up to Jindabyne to do the SLER loop, find them here.

[/mtb] link

Tue, 17 May 2011

TNF100 in pairs, what was I thinking? - 16:32

Running along Narrow Neck (fullsize)
Aaron and I headed up to the Blue Mountains on the weekend to compete in The North Face 100 Ultra Marathon in pairs this year. Julie won womens, awesome race against an international field (and beat her own race record by 36 minutes). David knocked 20 minutes off his PB too. The Blue Mountains were rather pretty so I took some photos and wrote about it here.

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